Hardware You Wear

Beauty meets engineering, meets fun, meets something you wear to the store.

Most jewelry doesn’t have a story to tell. It’s more superficial than substantial. Yes, there are exceptions: Tiffany has a movie, Cartier has a history. But if you’re a niche jewelry brand with a small (albeit very passionate) following, how do you take that brand to the next level, and introduce yourself to the world? Well, you isolate what makes you different. And then you find an arresting, unmissable way to shout about it.

Marla Aaron jewelry is many things. But one thing it’s not is just beautiful jewelry. These pieces were built to live at the intersection of art and engineering, beauty and usefulness, work and play. 

Customers’ social comments and posts made it clear that the flexibility of the pieces, the ability to change looks daily, their touchability and fidget-worthiness make the entire collection less a collection of beautiful things than a toolbox of possibilities.

And so, the campaign idea. Jewelry at work. A celebration of craftsmanship, with the individual pieces as the heroes. But rooted in the basic truths of the brand. Beauty. Irreverence. Practicality. Grit. And a little nod to New York.

Built from precious things, it’s anything but “precious”.

Powerful images designed to grab your attention on social, guerrilla billboards and digital. This is hardware you wear.