Tommy Henvey/Chief Creative, Patti McConnell/Managing Partner

Tommy and Patti started Something Different as an alternative to brands looking for new ways to create advertising and content. They spent the better part of the last twenty years guiding some very big brands at some very big agencies. Then it stopped being fun.  Something Different was built with the belief that the model to create things was broken. They provide a different way to work, a different way to solve problems, a different way to make stuff.

Richard Ryan/Group Creative Director

A writer and Creative Director, Richard has worked in Dublin, Paris and New York on global brands like IBM, American Express, Kodak and Citi. Whether building worldwide brand campaigns or driving local sales, his aims have always been to simplify complex messages, turn the usual into something a little more unusual, and never speak down to anyone. Someone once said he looked like Mark Zuckerburg.

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Christine Dodd/Account Strategy Lead

 A hybrid of a strategic planner and account manager, Christine Dodd has helped start-up companies build their brands from the ground up and helped established companies evolve their brands to remain relevant, and competitive. She spent the majority of her career on the agency side managing both National and Global brands and has also spent time on the client side so she offers a unique view point in guiding the work.

Garrett Crabb/Special Ops

Born Garrett Crabb, but one day affectionately dubbed GBoo from a client and the rest is history. Came to advertising by way of the art world, having first studied painting and video at Maryland Institute College of Art before making his way to NYC. He worked as a producer on the agency side and then helped start post-production company, Friendshop! in 2014. In 2016, he flung his phone into the Hudson, ventured into the forest for 5 months, and emerged a half inch taller and a master of the dark arts.  He has since joined the Something Different team where he splits his time between Special Ops and as Creative Zookeeper. 



Jamie Eisman/Keeper of Chaos

Our Keeper of Chaos, Jamie Eisman, has quite the unique title, but it couldn’t be a more accurate one. She is responsible for maintaining the calendars, keeping all documents tidy, and making sure everyone knows where they’re supposed to be and when they’re supposed to be there.  Which admittedly, is harder than it sounds. She is a recent graduate of Northwestern University with a background in film and creative writing and has experience in both television and commercial production.  As a member of the Something Different team, Jamie is involved in everything we do and is eager to explore every avenue of the advertising world along with us.


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